Chêne de l’est presentation


As specialists in solid and engineered French oak hardwood flooring,

Chêne de l’Est crafts beautiful flooring that brings light, warmth and distinction to any style interior.

Located in Hambach in the heart of the forest region of eastern France, Chêne de l’Est was founded in 1960 by Joseph Bach. A local carpenter, Joseph started working from a small workshop originally built by his grandfather, and from these humble beginnings Chêne de l’Est has grown to be one of the premier hardwood flooring companies in France.Chene de l’est started as a family company and remains family owned and operated today.

Joseph Bach’s four children, Raymond, Gabriel, Jean-Michel and Brigitte Eva form the management team with many other Bach family members also involved in different aspects of the operation.
All share Joseph’s passion for beautiful,
high quality handcrafted French Oak floors.

Chêne de l’Est is proud to offer an extensive range of both solid and engineered hardwood floors with a style and finish to enhance every décor.
Our expertise and superior craftsmanship allow us to produce hardwood floors with unique textures and colors, all available with either oil or urethane finish. There are now over 200 different styles to choose from within our collections that included Smoked, Antique, Loft, Island, Sawn-Face and Metallic.

Chêne de l’Est provides one of the most complete ranges of French oak solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Joseph Bach’s four children:
- Madame Brigitte Eva
- Monsieur Raymond Bach
- Monsieur Gabriel Bach
- Monsieur Jean-Michel Bach

Since 1993, we have concentrated mainly on the production of solid wood parquet flooring, of a thickness of 14 and 22 mm, with various finishes that we master perfectly, and lately we have launched into the production of engineered wood flooring.

Today, with the Chêne de l’est ‘s specific know-how in the area of ageing and various finishes, associated with the know-how of a engineered flooring manufacturer, we are able to propose a range of even more varied, and ever high-quality products, with the Smoked oak, Oak antique, Loft, Islands planks, Sawed oak finishes, and of course the inescapable brush lackered, brush oiled, lackered, and oiled finishes, meaning a large different finishes.

Because of our four production and finishing sites, we are able to propose a very complete range of solid wood parquet and engineered flooring, to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Chene de l'est operates
four facilities for production and finishing

vueaeriennechenedelest CHÊNE DE L’EST
24, rue de la Fontaine
F - 57910 Hambach
Tél. +33 (0)3 87 98.03.42
Fax +33 (0)3 87 98.53.50
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Surrounded by forestland, our headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Hambach.
Here the raw logs are delivered and transformed through our various processes into beautiful French oak flooring.
This facility has two production and one finish line and has the capacity to produce
4 305 705 SF of solid flooring each year.

parqueterielemoine Parqueterie Lemoine
65, rue de la Gare - F - 88260 Darney

In order to provide the widest range of French oak flooring to
our customers, we recently acquired this manufacturing facility,
located in Darney, deep in the Vosges region of France.
The skilled and dedicate team at this facility produces mainly engineed flooring for our
various collections but also some mosaic and industrial flooring for the French domestic market.

francefinition France Finition
18, route de Bouzonville
F - 57640 Servigny les Ste Barbe

Located in the eastern region of France, this facility contains our finish lines.
Here we have the capability to pre-finish our solid and engineered floors with both urethane and oil.

industrievosgiennedubois Industrie Vosgienne du Bois
Chemin de Padaine
F - 88700 Rambervillers

A traditional sawmill, located in the center of the Vosges
Mountains, this facility processes the oak logs for use in our Chêne de l’Est’ solid hardwood flooring.