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Chêne de l'est opens its space of prescription

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A showroom shared by French and Spanish know-how.
Reserved for professionals.

Come and discover the unique creations made by XAVIER LAVERGNE ATELIERS, FARO Luminary and the CHENE DE L'EST Handcrafted French hardwood flooring in our shared showroom.
This is a new experiment, an opportunity for you to discover our kinds of expertise and the excellence of French craftsmanship at the service of decorators and interior designers.

Xavier Lavergne Ateliers creates and manufactures experimental art furniture, in the manner of an alchemist, in pure pewter cast on Murano glass, brass shot, bronze, copper, or fossils. His fabrics are unique in the world.  
FARO is one of the biggest design lighting brands. Faro lighting is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans for residential and commercial customers.
Faro has established itself through the development of high quality design luminaires .
Chêne de l'est is a French manufacturer of high-end, eco-responsible parquet flooring for luxury homes and hotels. A selection of the most exclusive models will be presented during this event.

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7 rue d'Uzès - 75002 PARIS
Contact : +33 3 87 98 03 42
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Reserved for professionals.