From the forest to parquet flooring…Nature at your feet

The management of French public forests is carried out by the French National Forest Office, which decides which tree
or given area is to be sold depending on the needs of the profession, but also and above all depending on the appearance and stage
of growth of the trees.

The timber is only felled outside the growing season, i.e. from September to March, and the wood is sold from November to March.
This means that we have to purchase our wood for the whole year during this period Wood is a natural,
renewable resource: After the timber has been cut, the forest grows back.

This is a point that deserves to be underlined. The regrowth of the wood takes place either by natural seeding or by tree plantation.
The logging that takes place each year uses up less than 60 % of the volume of the forest’s annual growth.
In addition to the production of wood, the forest plays an essential role in preserving the environment.
The foresters try to guarantee this function by sustainable forest management.