Chêne de l'est, specialist in solid and engineered French oak hardwood flooring.

Four production and finishing sites at your service.
Thanks to our four production and finishing sites, we are able to propose a very complete range
of parquets and engineered flooring, in a wide variety of types of wood as well as the possibility
of   an unlimited range of laying patterns.

We are manufacturers of: 
 solid, finished, ready-to-lay parquet and other types of flooring, in thicknesses of 
    14 and 22 mm, in widths of up to 190 mm, with the very latest finishes.
multilayer plywood with +/- 4 mm top layer, in thickness: 15,2 mm,
    in widths of 140, 170, 190 and 220 mm, the top 4
  8 mm mosaic, parallel parquet.
 10 mm lamparquet.
 22 mm and 10 mm industrial parquet in walnut...

Our production in solid programm:

   14 mm x 70 - 90 - 110 - 130 - 150 mm
   22 mm x 70 - 90 - 110 - 140 mm
   21 mm x 140 - 170 -190 mm

 Lengths: 350 to 2 200 mm randoms

Our production multilayer plywood TOP 4:

  Thickness: 15,2 mm x widths 140, 170, 190 and 220 mm
  Lengths: 1000 to 2200 mm randoms

The choice of all products extends timber as oak, larch, Finland birch, beech, maple, walnut, merbau,
bamboo, jatoba, bankiraï, wengé, teak, doussié, jatoba, kempas, ipé..

We can propose the following types of parquet: raw, lackered, mat lackered, oiled, brushed lackered,
brushed mat lackered, brushed oil, brushed oiled mat white, with the appearance of raw wood,
whitened, brushed whitened, with various finishes: Smoked oak,  Oak antique, Loft, Islands planks, Sawed oak collection.

Our four production and finishing sites give us a large series industrial capacity, while still remaining flexible
with a small unit to enable us to satisfy all requests.